shipping_heading_bigmap is a new company located in Bronx, New York. It was founded in June of 2013. There is a continuous clash between the fashion of the younger and what is available in stores for Muslims sisters and reverts to wear. The Goal of is to provide the Muslim community, primarily the youth, both nationally and internationally with the highest quality of products and to fill in the gap of this growing trend. We service men, women and children with clothing that is functional , modest and stylish. ships Worldwide through FedEx, DHL and UPS.

All orders placed online at are custom-made to order. Once orders are received they are placed in queue for processing. Real time status of status of the order is visible in your dashboard which is accessible through “My Account”. The status will be updated through following steps:

East Essence Shipping Steps

Pending Fulfillment indicates the item is being made. This process takes between 2-6 business days depending on the ship speed selected (Express or Regular). Once fulfillment is completed the next 3 stages of picking, packing and shipping take about 1-2 business days. Actual shipping takes only 3 business days as all orders are sent through courier services with USPS Priority, FedEx , DHL, UPS. 

Over 84% of our Standard orders are delivered in less than 9 business days and 95% of our Express orders are delivered in less than 5 business days. During peak season (June to September)order delivery can take about 12-14 business days on standard orders due to the very high volume of orders.

We Offer

Free Shipping: We now offer FREE standard shipping on all orders OVER $150 for orders placed in USA only. 

Shipping to the USA, USA territories, UK, and Canada would require a street address. PO Box delivery is available but would require an additional 3-5 business days.

Next Day Ship: We now offer certain items that can be delivered to your doorstep in 3-4 business days! There is an additional charge of $3 per item reflected in the order total, exclusive to Jilbabs and accessories. If you add more items to your cart, you will be charged additional standard or express shipping based on your preference. We cannot accept any order modifications on next day ship items. All items available for Next day ship are marked in the Next Day ship category.

Express Shipping

  • Contact us before placing order.
  • Shipped within 1-2 business days* (guaranteed) or shipping will be fully refunded.

Please note that a USPS/DHL/FedEx tracking number will be sent to you via email for your reference.

* Excluding holidays and weekends.

  • All our Orders are shipped primarily from our warehouse in USA . Some countries could levy VAT or customs duties on orders which is beyond our control.
  • Orders that are flagged for verification will not be shipped until customer verifies the order.