Bismillahi ar Rahman ar Raheem.
Insha Allah everyone is in the best of health and Imaan. Initially I wanted to record the story behind my business so it can be on the page but Masha Allah my voice was so low even I had trouble hearing it. I am posting answers to the questions that were sent to me as asked

Who is running the Business??

This is a small family business , being run right out of Bronx NY. Primary owner /coordinator is Munirah.

Why did I want to start a business? ?

Al-hadiyyah was started as a way to provide reverts and the younger muslims the islamic attires that meets their style, and budget without compromising quality of the garments.

Why Al-Hadiyyah? ?

Al-Hadiyyah means gift. Life is a test, but it is more a gift Allah Subhanna gave us. In this life, we have to try to do our best to stay within the limits of Islam while obeying the laws of the country. The biggest gift Is in the guidance to Islam, and understanding modesty, the beauty behind Hijab and the other do’s and Don’ts in Islam.

Where is it located? ?

The items are all here in New York, but until further notice, all purchases will be through the website.

Who is your ideal customer??

My ideal customer would be the young Muslims brothers and sisters and anyone who wish to dress modestly.

What products or services will your business provide??

Masha Allah right now there are a variety of scarves, Abayas for women and children, Thobes for men and boys, Accessories. Insha Allah soon we will have skirts and other things that Muslims wear and use on the daily bases including Prayer Rugs.

What differentiates my business and the products or services from others in the market??

I would say the fact that business is owned by a college student masha Allah. “Al-Hadiyyah is a modest wear company for the young by the young”. Whenever someone calls, they will speak to me directly Insha Allah. The Abaya’s represent: Quality. Simplicity. Elegance , and they are at reasonable price.

How soon will it take before my products or services are available??

Anything that is on the site is ready to ship the next business day. There will soon be an option to order from something out of stock if the customer is willing to wait the production time. Sisters in NYC can arrange to have their Abayas delivered by car the same day. Also, the Abaya size covers all size and shape Masha Allah.

What are the wholesale Prices? ?

In the near future, Business owners who create a Business account can order at 33% off the retail price, with minimum order of 6pc per category they choose to shop from. Business owners need to provide extra information for identification purposes such as EIN number prior to ordering.

Where do the products come from? ?

The Abayas, Thobes, Niqabs and Jilbabs are manufactured in Dubai. The Hijabs, Pins and other Accessories are manufactured in China.

What are the measurements??

The measurements on the abayas and be found in the size-Chart. We recommend getting sisters who like their abayas to drag to get a size larger than they would normally wear. Our Khimars and Jilbabs are ideally one size fits all for sisters who wear the standard size (54-62).

How often do you get new items? ?

The goal is to import new items every 3-4 months, depending on manufacturing rates and product demand.

How often do you get new items? ?

The goal is to import new items every 3-4 months, depending on manufacturing rates and product demand.

What is the care guide for the clothes and hijabs??

The best way to preserve the garments is to Hand Wash in cold water with Woolite detergent, and to hang them to dry. Some of the Abayas may need to be pressed using medium steam after drying. The Amiras and Hijabs should be hand washed, shaken and left to dry on a smooth surface, after squeezing out the water.